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Goals vs. Wants

Written by on Jan 31 2017

Since selling LessAccounting Allan and I have come to realize that we've had wants not goals.

What do I worry about?

Written by on Dec 24 2016

I've always been a person who worries, I've always been looking ahead and planning my route but my worries have changed alot over the years.

Learning How To Sail...Allan's advice.

Written by on Dec 16 2016

I love sailing and in this article I'll talk about how you can start sailing as a hobby.

What You Should Know About Remote Work

Written by on Aug 31 2016

I've been doing remote work for almost ten years. Here's what I've learned.

Let's be honest, you really don’t want it.

Written by on May 10 2016

If you wanted it to build a product you’d find a way to get time to work on it. If you really wanted to start that new hobby you’d sacrifice something to find the time and money to do it.

Steven Bristol Trivia

Written by on Mar 22 2016

Here's some much asked for trivia about Steven.

My English Teacher's Thoughts

Written by on Mar 10 2016

My Dad just sent me this. It’s from my High School English Teacher, Senior year.

How I've Designed My Life

Written by on Mar 2 2016

In the past few years I've built go-carts, built a 200+ sq ft workshop, written several eBooks. How do I create a life where I have time to work on side projects?

Can you ride life's waves?

Written by on Feb 25 2016

Life is never "normal" it's in a constant state of change.

Creativity is a fickle muscle

Written by on Apr 29 2013

Creativity can be killed...

Your Social Insecurities Are Probably Normal

Written by on Feb 25 2013

Allan explains his social insecurities while attending industry conferences and meeting new people.

Our Desperate Egos

Written by on Feb 19 2013

The battle against yourself.

Art has no instructions

Written by on Jan 25 2013

Creating your art does not come with instructions.

Fear just refocuses itself

Written by on Jan 24 2013

Fighting back fears in life is tough, it does get easier but it'll always be a battle against your inner self.

Flying Cars Are Only Ten Years Away

Written by on Jan 21 2013

Steve explains how flying cars will finally be brought to reality.

When I'm Ready...

Written by on Jan 10 2013

Don't wait for the "right time" to start creating your art.

What did I learn in 2012?

Written by on Jan 1 2013

2012 taught me some painful but valuable lessons.

Types of Relationships

Written by on Dec 17 2012

Steve describes and categorizes the types of relationships he has

Best Columbus Day Tweets

Written by on Oct 9 2012

Allan saves some of his favorite funny tweets from Columbus Day 2012.

I'm Still Pretending To Be Zack Morris

Written by on Sep 7 2012

Allan talks about how he pretends to be an extrovert when he's really an introvert.

Dear Friends, Please Don't Ask for Help. Unless...

Written by on Aug 20 2012

Allan writes a letter to people that seek help but don't put in the effort themselves.

People that can "find the time"

Written by on Aug 19 2012

Success people are not smarter than you, they're not better looking, less stressed or better dancers. They're only able to find the time to improve, meet people and help their careers soar.

Some Words Hurt

Written by on Jul 2 2012

Allan shares some deep thoughts about words and how they are used. He often likes to quote the great Ru Paul: "How can you love someone else, if you don't love yourself?"

On Correcting Someone's Grammar

Written by on Jan 24 2012

Steven Bristol gives some practical advice on when and how to correct someone's grammar.

Thank you for bullying me

Written by on Jan 10 2012

My experiences have shaped who I am today.

Things I learned during my 18 day work-vacation in Costa Rica

Written by on Dec 23 2011

Being a co-founder of a startup is a busy lifestyle. This year, my family and I went to Costa Rica for a working/vacation for 18 days.

You can't teach ambition

Written by on Dec 19 2011

We all know that handful of talented people with no drive to do anything special with that talent. Or they want to do something with it, but either never do or squander it floundering on “wastes of time.”

To Work a Job You Love

Written by on Nov 29 2011

We're led to believe that the more money we make, the happier we'll be. This is flawed thinking. Here's why.

Work/Life Balance = Guilt

Written by on Aug 3 2011

A quick thought about the importance of balancing work properly with life and the guilt that comes from neglecting to do so.

Your Twitter Stream Sucks.

Written by on Oct 26 2010

Allan gets personal and tells you exactly why no one wants to read your tweets.

Communication Is Hard, Especially When You Don't Communicate

Written by on Sep 9 2010

Steve explains that the key to good communication is understanding.

Fear (Part 1)

Written by on Sep 8 2010

Steven talks about how fear is the enemy of all great decisions.

You have no control

Written by on Mar 8 2010

A lesson on what exactly it is that you're in control of and not in control of.

Having a Hard Time Finishing?

Written by on Mar 1 2010

My father always told me that the hardest part of any job is finishing it. Here are somethings you can do to make it easier to finish.


Written by on Feb 12 2010

Some soul-searching that might help you realize you're addicted to something.

Fame (I'm Gonna Live Forever)

Written by on Dec 17 2009

Fame seems to be one of those topics that people are afraid of talk about. Let's talk about it.

Co-founder of an Unknown Software Company

Written by on Nov 2 2009

Allan reflects on his life as a dreamer.

It's not the coffee.

Written by on Oct 26 2009

Allan explains what it is besides the brew that keeps him coming back to his favorite coffee shop.

Episode 10: Steve's Bodily Issues

Written by on Jun 25 2009

Announcing Less.TV episode 10.

I need an intern for this.

Written by on Jun 4 2009

We could all use a little extra help.

Use wisely your power of choice

Written by on May 27 2009

Allan's favorite part of a commencement speech by Newstalk radio host, Neil Boortz.

Your decision today

Written by on May 21 2009

Allan challenges readers to grow a pair and make a bold move today.

Even at home I hear web app pitches (video)

Written by on May 13 2009

Allan's wife, Anna pitches her idea of a brilliant web app to her husband.

Apple TV sucks, here's why.

Written by on May 6 2009

Allan tells us what features he dislikes about Apple TV and which features are missing.

Less.TV Episode 9 - The Evening Off

Written by on Apr 29 2009

Announcing: Less.TV episode 9.

Don't filter yourself into being lame

Written by on Apr 17 2009

Allan shares his "mild-mannered" opinion about where you can shove your Twitter Filter.

Yes, Your Shit Stinks Too

Written by on Mar 25 2009

Steve addresses a question he received following his previous post.

Less TV Episode 8 -- The Pick

Written by on Feb 23 2009

Announcing: the 8th episode of Less.TV.

My Favorite 2009 Super Bowl TV Commercials

Written by on Feb 2 2009

Allan shares some of his favorite commercials from the 2009 Super Bowl.

Always Be More...

Written by on Jan 28 2009

10 things to always remember to be, even when it's hard.

"IF" by Rudyard Kipling

Written by on Jan 26 2009

An inspirational piece of literature that has stuck with Allan since a very young age.

Episode 5, Starring the Scab.

Written by on Dec 22 2008

A gross episode of Less.TV.

Episode #4, Steve doesn't wear pants to work.

Written by on Dec 22 2008

Enjoy watching Steve ramble about how he doesn't wear pants to work anymore and how that's his "new thing".

This is me, take it or leave it.

Written by on Dec 8 2008

Allan takes us inside his world as he turns 28.

Less.TV episode 3

Written by on Nov 27 2008

In light of the Guy Kawasaki fiasco from a couple weeks ago, Steve spends this episode of Less.TV making fun of Allan for being popular.

We're Classless Bastards

Written by on Nov 24 2008

Allan challenges humankind as a whole to come back to the days of consideration and kindness.

Friday Inspiration

Written by on Nov 7 2008

A few morsels of inspiration to cap off the week of launching.

All You Have To Do Is Swing

Written by on Nov 4 2008

A bit of encouragement to take that awesome project you're considering and do the work.

Less.TV episode 1

Written by on Oct 31 2008

Less Everything presents: Less.TV. Enjoy.

Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Kathy Sierra and Gary Vaynerchuk

Written by on Oct 3 2008

Inspiration from great minds. Here's a visual.

Another iPhone App Idea: WeatherGlance

Written by on Sep 17 2008

Allan wants to be able to see the local radar on his iPhone home screen with one click of a button.

How to be a good house guest (rant)

Written by on Aug 13 2008

Tips for the next time you stay with a friend out of town.

Another iPhone App Idea: Cabbie

Written by on Jul 29 2008

Cab-calling idea for an app by Allan.

Free iPhone App Idea

Written by on Jul 16 2008

Allan shares an idea for a card-counting app. Take it and do what you will.

How to Start a Conversation with a Nerd

Written by on Jun 27 2008

A comprehensive list of the things that all nerds have in common. You can use this the next time you're at a conference.

I hate the web 2.0 tech news - What a waste of time

Written by on Jun 24 2008

There had to be a time when web reporting wasn't so boring, right?

Brick Walls

Written by on Jun 20 2008

Some great quotes by the amazing Randy Pausch in his final lecture.

A vacation from Twitter

Written by on Jun 13 2008

What happened during your week off from Twitter? I don't know, let me check Facebook.

Being "Nice" on Twitter

Written by on Jun 3 2008

Some of Allan's reasoning concerning Twitter etiquette.

Why am I so obnoxious?

Written by on May 21 2008

There a 6 questions that Allan will always answer. Here they are in no distinct order.

I am so pissed right now

Written by on May 14 2008

Some things Allan does when he's in a piss-poor mood.

Rules for Friendship

Written by on Apr 29 2008

A comprehensive list of rules for successful friendships.

Moving words from a dying man.

Written by on Apr 21 2008

"Really Achieving Your Childhood Dream" talk from Carnegie Mellon Professor, Randy Pausch.

The Two Most Killerest blogs on the Tubes

Written by on Apr 1 2008

Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk; two names you should definitely know in the blogosphere.

For me, a good day consists of...

Written by on Mar 27 2008

What does a really good day truly consist of?

True Colors...Shining Through

Written by on Mar 24 2008

Would you drive a hundred miles in the middle of the night to pick up a friend in need?

The Evolution of a Programmer's Dress Code

Written by on Mar 18 2008

A link to a photo we found flattering.

Life over Work

Written by on Mar 13 2008

You can't let your work cause you to neglect your life. Here are a few things Allan, Steve and the Less Everything team do to maintain balance.

Book Review #2 - Seth Godin's "The Dip"

Written by on Mar 10 2008

Allan reviews his 2nd book, Seth Godin's "The Dip" in a way you're probably not expecting.

Be Thankful

Written by on Feb 10 2008

In an industry like this, it's easy to forget how blessed we are to work here.

Charge your iPod with an onion.

Written by on Nov 18 2007

Ever lost your iPod charger and all you had was an onion?

Ace Hardware Update

Written by on Sep 7 2007

A trip to Home Depot.

Google is the New Yellow Pages

Written by on Aug 9 2007

Is anyone using the yellow pages?