I hate the web 2.0 tech news - What a waste of time

Written by on Jun 24 2008

Okay so I don’t hate them but they are getting on my nerves. They report the news and the reporting sucks. It’s gotten boring. So boring they make me want to shut my computer off and go play with my son. What a waste of time. What happened to opinions, real opinions? I am tired of reading about the latest Facebook feature or how LinkedIn is worth a billion dollars. If you’re going to write a review on an app, give me something besides a “nice” summary. Rip the app apart, why does it suck, where are the cool parts? I am sick of hearing who got VC funded and who is in the dead pool. VC money means crap to me, I don’t care how much they swindled you into taking. Bloggers, I want to be inspired by your thoughts, I want to be energized by your opinions. I want to be angered if I disagree with you, I want to feel something other than that you wasted my time.


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