One day we stop and realize work has slowly eaten away at our lives. We’re working far too many hours, and we’re borrowing time from sleep, play with the family and leisure time.
"Both parenting and being a business owner will shine a spotlight on your flaws."
30 Minute Read Time
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If you're looking to make your web app idea a reality or coming to the realization that the one you've already built isn't working, then this ebook is for you. Learn from our mistakes.
"Business is hard as shit and the people that make it look easy only make us doubt ourselves."
15 Minute Read Time
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Learn how Steve and Allan created a multi-million dollar ruby on rails consultancy without any funding and living in non-tech metropolitan cities.
"Building a company is kind of like getting drunk. All night long, you’re either getting more or less drunk."
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Read this ebook and put into practice the concepts/tips we're sharing. You will close more leads, you will vet client lead faster and you will make more money.
"Close deals without sounding or feeling like a douchebag"
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Let's be honest, you really don’t want it.

Written by on May 10 2016

If you wanted it to build a product you’d find a way to get time to work on it. If you really wanted to start that new hobby you’d sacrifice something to find the time and money to do it.

There Are Four Types of Entrepreneurs

Written by on Apr 28 2016

In the history of the world there have only ever been four types of entrepreneurs. What type are you and how can you improve?

A company is built on 10,000 small decisions

Written by on Apr 12 2016

A business is built on 10,000 small decisions. You either create a lifestyle that fits well with your business or you grow a monster business that takes over your personal life.

The Myth of SaaS Ownership

Written by on Apr 7 2016

Let's bust some myths of owning a saas business. Newsflash: it's not all rainbow and unicorns, there's alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Tuesday Tunesday

Written by on Mar 22 2016

I’m gonna try to share a few tunes I like every Tuesday. Some of them you may have heard before, some maybe be on the radio, some will hopefully be new favorites for you.

Can you ride life's waves?

Written by on Feb 25 2016

Life is never "normal" it's in a constant state of change.