What do I worry about?

Written by on Dec 24 2016

I remember being 23 years old, newly married and really worried I was not going to have the skills to make money for our new formed family.

I remember being 26 years old and joining LessEverything with Steve and wondering if this crazy idea would work. I knew I had the skills clients would pay for but would this new dynamic work?

Here I sit, 36 years old, something feels different. I know how to sell my skills, how to find clients, how to design software and market products. I no longer worry about financial security.

I worry more about my physical weight than how much money I make in 2017. I worry about being impatient with my family and not telling the people around me I love them enough.

I worry about regret…but not regretting something I say or do. Regretting NOT saying something, or NOT doing something amazing, adventure or scary.

I don’t worry about writing raw, unedited blog posts…will you think I’m silly? I don’t really care. I do worry the people who have helped us over the years not knowing how much we appreciate them. I worry about being too generous with my time and stress with those who don’t value it and shorting the people who mean the most.


Hi I'm Allan,

I wrote the article you're reading... I'm one of the co-founders of LessEverything. I love my family more than breathing and I love creating videos about our family adventures.

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