How to be a good house guest (rant)

Written by on Aug 13 2008

My wife, son and I just moved back to Panama City Florida. We’re very close to the beaches and this summer our house has felt like a hotel with family and friends visiting almost every weekend. We love entertaining and opening our home to guests. Here’s a list of things to do to get invited back to my house.

  • Treat my belongings better than you treat your own.
  • Leave my house cleaner than you found it.
  • Thank me.
  • Leave when you’re suppose to.
  • Help my wife or me prepare meals.
  • Don’t leave your empty beer bottles out by my pool.
  • If I am cutting the grass, go out there and pickup or do something helpful.
  • If I happen to leave my dish on the table, pick it up for me.
  • Thank me again.

Remember visiting someone and making them your weekend servant isn’t a vacation for the host and it doesn’t show them you appreciate their hospitality.

What does this have to do with web apps or business? Nothing, it’s an Allan Branch Rant.

Side Note: Steve says this post reflects a poor attitude and he is afraid to stay with me now.


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