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Written by on Jan 10 2013

I have an unlimited supply of weak-ass excuses for not creating more beautiful things.

One of my most common excuses is…“I don’t have the right tools.”

I’ll start exercising when I have a gym membership.
I’ll start woodworking when I have a workshop with the tools I need.
I’ll start painting when I have an art studio at my house.
I’ll go fishing when I get the right boat.

These excuses pour out of my mouth and probably yours as well.

Ask anyone that has mastered a craft if they started with the right tools, and they’ll probably laugh at you. Ask any great painter if they started with a well-stocked art studio with ample free time for creating art. These artists will tell you they started with just a pencil and a scrap of paper. Ask any athlete what private coach helped mold them in their private training facility. These athletes will tell you their passion started in their backyard, driveway, or neighborhood park. Ask any successful business owner if they were prepared with the right tools/experiences/funding when they started their business. They’ll tell you they took a leap, fell on their face, got up and kept charging forward.

I’m fairly good with pixels but my first computer wasn’t until 2002 when I was in college. I used computer labs for two years before I could afford a computer of my own.

There’s no right time to start creating things.

So don’t wait for the right tools or the perfect moment, just start. The world needs less people waiting for the right tools to start something.


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