People that can "find the time"

Written by on Aug 19 2012

This article is very similar to the last blog post, but it’s rewritten, I didn’t know which article was better.

For this article, let’s define a “successful person” as a person that is well known within their industry, does interesting work, has a following of industry peers, and an income that supports them well enough that they’re not stressed about money.

We follow these successful people on Twitter, read their blogs, buy their ebooks, listen to their talks at industry events. We put them on a high pedestal. We tell ourselves they’ve risen to this place of excellence due to many factors which we unfortunately do not have.

  • They have tons of extra time, because they have less responsibilities.
  • They’re smarter than us.
  • They’re in a metropolitan city.

These are simply not true.

Popular, interesting people in the tech industry seem to have extra time to travel to industry events, the time to learn new things (or contribute to open source), time to write blogs, screencasts, e-books and even Twitter.

You’re probably like me, kids and a spouse, a house that needs the grass cut and plenty of other family obligations. We “normals” think, “Oh, those people must not have the same obligations that I do.”

NEWSFLASH: I’m sorry to say, these people are busy just like you.

Finding the time is a skill in itself. It’s a game of seeing the hundreds of things you need to “get done” and being able to place tasks in order of things you need to get done now and things that’ll help you long term.

It’s asking yourself questions:

  • Is this task something I can push off for now? Use procrastination to push back on unimportant things.
  • Is this the best time to do something creative? Steve and I have a standing rule that you write it in the moment of inspiration, you DO NOT WAIT TO WRITE. The same might be said for an illustrator that wants to try a new technique or illustrate something to showcase his work.
  • What have I done lately to market my skills, my products or my services? This is super tough—usually when you’re at your busiest you need to pop your head up and release something that we’d consider marketing.

Finding the time can even mean borrowing time from sleep, TV and hobbies to instead spend it on more effective things. Successful people have only mastered one skill you don’t current have… they’re able to find the time to build value for their careers.

As you become better and better at finding the time you’ll notice people saying, “When did you have time for this?” and you’ll smile.


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