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Written by on Mar 22 2016
  • I was born in Eastern Europe, but raised outside of Los Angeles.
  • At age five a bigger kid was picking on a smaller one. I was so outraged that I hit him. He fell down and lost a tooth. There was a lot of blood. I cried harder than he did because I couldn’t believe I had hurt someone so badly.
  • In elementary school I rarely played with other kids during recess. I never really understood why I didn’t fit in. (I’m only now starting to really understand why.)
  • At age 10 my parents split up. Shortly before the the split, when I would close my eyes, I would hear them screaming at each other in my head. I was in therapy off and on until age 18.
  • In junior high I started to try to figure out why some kids were popular but I was not.
  • At age 15 I started playing guitar. I thought it would make me cool. I thought it would help me get girls.
  • At age 15 I started partying at the local colleges. (I lived walking distance from the Claremont Colleges.)
  • My first real kiss was at age 16, although at my 6th birthday party I pinned a girl against the wall and peppered her with kisses. She screamed the whole time. (At 16 the girl didn’t scream.)
  • I always wanted to be cool, but by age 16 it was becoming apparent that I was more wild than cool.
  • I almost didn’t graduate high school due to unexcused absences. I took the GED just in case.
  • I started college as a music theory major. I never finished.
  • I had my first real girlfriend at age 20. We were together for three years, one of which we lived together.
  • I was married at age 25. We have three children together, but split up in 2008.
  • My oldest daughter has Cornelia De Lang Syndrome. We are very lucky, she has a fairly mild expression of it. It could be much worse.
  • It took three years to finalize my divorce.
  • I was in therapy during most of this time.
  • When I was going through my divorce I called my father once a week to keep in touch. Those talks were very helpful to me. We don’t talk as often anymore.
  • While going through my divorce I was very depressed for an extended period of time. I probably would have been fired from a regular job. Allan kept the company going during this time.
  • Steven Bristol was not the name I was born with.
  • I don’t react to fear with a fight or flight response. I generally try to just calmly step to it and do it anyways. Except in the case of intimacy/vulnerability. For those I run like hell.
  • A few years ago I turned into an introvert. The thought of going to conferences and getting to know people fills me with anxiety.
  • Throughout my life I have always striven to be better, kinder, more loving.
  • I never want people to feel unwelcome around me. You know the guy at the office no one wants to eat with. I always invite that person to join us for lunch.
  • Although I try to always be honest, I confess that sometimes I lie to avoid an argument. No one seems to be able to detect these lies.
  • “😀"is my favorite lie.
  • I think and feel deeply. The waters are not still, but they are deep.
  • I really do try to help people. More out of a selfish satisfaction (helping feels good) than altruism, but people don’t seem to mind.
  • I am one of the most sensitive people I know.
  • I don’t believe in evil, just different perspectives.
  • Ketchup is my kryptonite.
  • I have one older brother. We rarely speak.
  • When I love someone I love them entirely.
  • If an asteroid destroyed the Earth tomorrow I wouldn’t be too upset about it.
  • I’ve been called “The most loving, caring man I have ever met” and “Asshole.” Rarely by the same person.
  • Someone once told me that if I ever wanted to change careers I could go into porn. Yes, that’s true. Yes, that surprised me too.
  • I truly love people and I wish that everyone finds a way to be happy.
  • That being said, I do consider myself a misanthrope.

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