This is me, take it or leave it.

Written by on Dec 8 2008

I turned 28 today, so here’s some self-reflection.

  • I grew up cleaning cars at my family’s car washes.
  • I have scars from being a former college offensive lineman.
  • I have a passion for design and brainstorm about ideas.
  • I leave the toilet seat up.
  • I am in love with my wife and I need to take her on a romantic date soon.
  • I enjoy seeing anything inspiring.
  • I love my family more than myself and enjoy nothing more than being around them.
  • I have the greatest job in the world and the most amazing business partner.
  • I want to help everyone I meet.
  • I will tear up during ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover and I insist those are tears of jealousy.
  • I enjoy my everyday life, it’s so close to perfect.
  • I am 28 and I still just want to make my parents proud of me.
  • I know I’m blessed for everything I have and I take nothing for granted.
  • I eat too much and it shows.
  • I make too many jokes and I laugh at my jokes more than others do.
  • I have an OCD about washing my hands and I wash them all day.
  • I am scared of sharks and I don’t like snakes either.
  • I am pretty sure my clothes shrink magically in my closet.
  • I pick my nose and sometimes flick the boogers.
  • I keep dental floss at my desk.
  • I am trying to curse less often.
  • I would stop drinking caffeine before giving up listening to music. I love Journey.
  • I tear up when I think about how much I love my wife and son.
  • I want everyone to be as happy as I am.

That’s me, take it or leave it.


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