A vacation from Twitter

Written by on Jun 13 2008

In the past two months I have been out of the “office” for at least four weeks, touring the world, attending and speaking at conferences, and I took a holiday. I am still behind. This week I was desperate for a break and an increase of productivity. So I did something that I didn’t even do while on holiday with my family….I took a vacation from Twitter and Instant Messaging. When I woke up Tuesday morning I closed Twitterific and iChat and any IRC channels that are not part of the communication chain of my company and declared bankruptcy on my email inbox.

The result is I feel great! I have no idea what I missed. Did anyone get married? Any kids born? Any cool new almost Web 2.5 site released? I have no idea. And I am fine with that. I hope I did not slight anyone who might have sent me any directs or @stevenbristol’s. If so I am sorry. In an effort to retain my increased level of productivity, I am going to be making some deep cuts regarding who I follow. I am going to try to keep my follow list to 10 folks plus a few more who only tweet rarely.

I feel almost as free as I felt when I quit smoking ten years ago. I am hoping to keep this feeling going.

I recommend trying a little Twitter break to anyone feeling a bit squeezed.


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