I am so pissed right now

Written by on May 14 2008

Normally I am a happy type of dude. I was in a pissed mood yesterday. Here are my fixes for being in a bad mood.

  • Get more sleep: I need 7-8 hours per night.
  • Drink more water: As I work later at night I drink more coffee which leads to me being dehydrated. As I get dehydrated my creativity drops and I get into a fog.
  • Lack of exercise: There’s something about sweating that gets rid of bad mood mojo.
  • Change tasks: If you’ve run into a road block, skip it and knock out several small issues and come back to the bigger problem.
  • Change perspective: Stresses, its never as bad as it seems. Step back, IE6 will eventually be obsolete.

If you find yourself in the fog of a bad mood and you’re just not being productive do this. Go chug a couple large glasses of water, take a multivitamin and grab a quick nap.


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