The Two Most Killerest blogs on the Tubes

Written by on Apr 1 2008

These two blogs are the killerest blogs on the tubes, if you don’t have them in your rss reader you’re seriously losing out. I promise, read them for a week and see if your mind doesn’t explode.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog articles are quick and short about marketing, they make you think. He empties your head of any marketing garbage that is in there and fills is with straightforward opinions about reaching people in a real way. A no-nonsense blog that every entrepreneur should be reading. He posts an article everyday, no bs and no fluff. Seth’s books are killer too. He’s not supplying information about being good, he nudges you in the direction of the light.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, Gary, Gary, watching/listing your blog is like drinking 15 espressos in a row, mixed with crack and shot out of a cannon into your mouth. Gary is so freaking awesome, he makes my veins pump FRESH blood. Gary breathes confidence, so much so that he makes you KNOW you can karate chomp a tree down with your bare hand. I haven’t been a long time reader/watcher of Gary and I regret it. Daily after I watch his vlog, I stand up and do a triple air punch and double air kick combo because I am so pumped from it. It’s safe to say I have a “man crush” on Gary and my wife is cool about it.


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