For me, a good day consists of...

Written by on Mar 27 2008

A really great day must consist of the majority of this list.

  • A good breakfast (I love eggs)
  • Good music, Amy Winehouse, Regina Specktor, some killer 80’s music or late 90’s. Today it’s “Ace of Base”, don’t laugh they rock.
  • Being really productive, surprisingly productive. You know the days you look back and you’re like wow, I got a ton done today.
  • Inspired for (at least) a couple hours during the day. Being inspired is my drug.
  • Laughing a lot (I love bad jokes).
  • Working out and sweating for 45 minutes. My body isn’t a temple but I do work out.
  • (Mandatory) Playing with my son in the evening. He’s my priority, the reason I work.
  • Designing in the zone for a couple hours.
  • Talking to positive upbeat people. Perpetual negativity will wear you down.
  • Few or no iChat Video crashes. Love Apple, iChat is fickle.
  • Seeing something outside of work that makes me smile/think.
  • (Mandatory) Talk to my wife about her day and the next day’s activities. What makes a good day for you?

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