Can you ride life's waves?

Written by on Feb 25 2016

Life is an ebb and flow.

The flow tide comes in and life is good, spirits are high.
The ebb tide sucks all the water out, leaving things dry. The crabs run to their homes, the fish swim out with it.

Life during the flow tide is the easy, life when the tide is going out is rough.

But nothing is ever in a state of balance. When life is giving you gifts of money, laughter and good times, soon will come the ebb tide.

In high school and college I played football. Within moments of each other you’d have a coach calling you “worthless” and later you’d be receiving praise from them. You learn just to ignore both the highs and lows the best you can. Before a game, many players will puke because of the anxiety of the game. Minutes later they’re being cheered by thousands of people.

How you react in the stressful moments is your measure as a person.

How you can handle the finger pointing, the thoughts of screwing it all up, the idea everyone is judging you by your weaknesses is how you’ll define yourself.

Do you let the thoughts in your head crush you or give you fuel to persevere?
Will you rise to the challenge or do you cower at these thoughts?


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