We're Classless Bastards

Written by on Nov 24 2008

In the past week, i’ve run into several situations, where the people involved show how classless the world is becoming. Maybe parents aren’t teaching their sons to be men and daughters to be ladies. Maybe we’re becoming humans with less character, that are increasingly selfish and less caring. I don’t know exactly but here’s the situation and yes this is a rant incase you couldn’t tell.

1) My family recently fired a fairly well paid employee from one of their car washes. He had been selling car washes to customers and then pocketing the money and running the cars thru the wash as rewashes. He did this over 300 times in 3 months, stealing several thousand dollars from them. He’s 60 years old with a family and kids. Seemly nice guy, apparent con artist. My Dad fired him and then gave him unemployment even though he had the right to fire him. He showed up in my parent’s neighborhood and called my Dad and told him he would get revenge. When did we stop teaching hard work pays and liars always get caught?

2) My wife, toddler son and I are at the Miami Airport, in a bus heading to the tarmac. She’s pregnant and you can see the belly. The bus was packed, she could barely reach the handlebar to steady herself. Whatever happened to letting women sit down? Did we stop teaching this to our sons?

3) Again another airport, I walk up to the airline desk and the women is looking down. “Excuse me” I say and I pause for around 10 seconds. “Excuse me” I say again, maybe she didn’t hear me, I think to myself and I wait. “Excuse me” I say this time a little louder. She looks up and says “What, what, what?”. I ask my question and leave. Did we stop teaching people about a smile or even being nice especially in a customer service position?

Think about your great grandparents’ values and character, we’ve slid so much from their value system. When men worked hard to support their families. When they stood up to allow women to sit in a crowd bus. And employees did their job as best as possible because they wanted to make their boss & family proud. What happened?

Also when did kids stop saying “Yes Sir and No Sir”? My parents would have kicked my ass if I didn’t say it.


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