Rules for Friendship

Written by on Apr 29 2008
  • Only give kindness out of love.
  • Unselfish love is the only love to give.
  • A friend will help change your tire in the middle of the night.
  • A friend yearns for their friends to be successful.
  • Accept flaws on your friends, its what makes them different.
  • Be my friend only if you’re ready to accept me.
  • You will be misunderstood, get ready.
  • You will occasionally be wrong, you will need to admit it.
  • Actions really do speak higher than words. Don’t tell me you’re a good person, show me.
  • Your gains from selfish love will only be temporary.
  • A great host cares more about their guest’s entertainment/experience than their own.
  • A great parent cares more about their child well being than their own.
  • A coach that cares will ride your ass and you will hate them, but only temporarily.
  • Negative people and relationships will kill your passion.
  • Be thankful for everything all the time, even when times suck.

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