Don't filter yourself into being lame

Written by on Apr 17 2009

In a recent blog post @johnflurry says to use a filter on twitter and ask yourself 3 things before posting. He even admits he uses it too much causing him not to tweet certain things.

Social marketers rely on numbers, number of followers, number of comments, number of unique visitors. They can’t offend, they can’t lose any of their hard earned numbers. Everyone has a filter, you shouldn’t kick puppies and trip old ladies (unless they deserve it). But constantly thinking, “oh my, will this tweet upset my followers” is total bullshit. Yes it’s fucking bullshit. See how I made that extra offensive to prove my point? Did you stop reading it? Probably not, the ones that did stop reading, thank you for leaving, I cannot handle the pressure of living up to your expectation. I am relieved to have weeded you out, worthless, piece of garbage that your mother wishes she had never shit out while squatting in some humid, grassy rice paddy in Minnesota. But since you read that, obviously it doesn’t refer to you.

Those of you still here, pat yourself on the back you’re not a douchebag. I lose Twitter followers all the time; personally I don’t care. I am more worried about being lame than being offensive, but that’s just me. Be yourself, if you’re a mild mannered dude, be it. If you’re a loud mouth jerk, be a jerk. Be yourself, be real and don’t suck, most people suck.


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