Fear (Part 1)

Written by on Sep 8 2010

We all feel fear. We all let fear make decisions for us to some extent or another in every aspect of our lives. Fear of starting a project. Fear of finishing a project. Fear of launching. Fear of making a bold (marketing) statement. Fear of success (which is really just a) fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not being loved, admired, respected.

Most of these fears are really a fear of what other people will think. But here’s the kicker: you have no idea what they think. In reality, these fears are a reflection of what you think of yourself. Once you launch you can start getting feedback and figure out what others really think, but until then the fear is 100% you. And even if people laugh, who cares? Does it change who you are? Just try something else. If you let your fear, your opinion of yourself, control you, you will never grow. You will never have the opportunity to change that opinion of yourself. The risk, although scary, really isn’t that great. Make a mistake, it’s only a mistake.

When I’m feeling that fear, I usually take it as a signal to do something, not hide from something. There are real things to be afraid of, but if what you’re afraid of is what others will think, get over it and do it in spite of the fear.


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