True Colors...Shining Through

Written by on Mar 24 2008

Allan has always judged the quality of a person based on whether or not they would drive a hundred miles in the middle of the night if your car breaks down. It’s impossible to see inside a person’s heart. You can never really know what a person is thinking or feeling. The only way to have any idea the caliber of the person you are dealing with is through observation over a period of time. Reflecting on their actions. Does this person really act in ways that show a caring or kindness or respect. Do the actions match the words, does the person say nice things about me, but follow them up with shallowness. Does this person really listen to what I say or just waiting for his turn to talk. If we are lucky we have a few people in our lives whose true colors are shown to be of the highest quality. I don’t have many friends, I never have. I don’t measure my wealth by the quantity of the people around me, but by the quality. I am very fortunate. I have a wife and a business partner who I would not trade for anything in the world. I have many acquaintances who are too early to judge. And I have people who although very nice, eventually show that they are not honorable. It hurts when you find out someone you thought of as a friend, or hoped would become one shows their qualities, but it is a very good thing when this happens. It is much better for find out than not to. Whether it is a friend or a boss or a client it is better to know so you can stop investing yourself and move on. Who you are today is due to the choices you have made. Those choices were largely influenced by the people around you. Who you will be tomorrow is based on who you spend your time with between now and then. Keep good company. If the people you work with are swindlers, find another job. If all of your clients are cheats, change professions. If all of your friends are liars, move.

From a different vantage point:

If you are the weak link, change. Strive to be better. Put in more effort than the people around. Don’t succumb to greed or vanity. You won’t always succeed. Life is a process, not an outcome. Do your best. Always try to improve upon your best. Over time, people will notice. Your spouse will notice. Your employees will notice. Your clients will notice. Always be genuine and honorable. Always strive for sainthood, even if you are far from the mark.


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