Fame (I'm Gonna Live Forever)

Written by on Dec 17 2009

Fame seems to be one of those topics that people are afraid of talk about. Afraid to be considered arrogant or full of themselves. Well here it is, a blog post about fame.

Fame is bullshit. And fame is fantastic. It is a double edged sword. Fame is recognition, when people know your name, your work or know of you. Allan and I have achieved a certain small amount of fame. We have sought it out and we have tried to do things which increase our fame and popularity (sometimes notoriety).

Fame can bring wealth. We have always said that the more people that know of us, the more recommendations to our apps and the more signups which ultimately leads to feeding our families. It’s made it easy to make new friends at events, because cool people seem to want to meet us. It allowed us to get a great line up of speakers for LessConf. It can also be a gigantic ego boost. Which is the problem. Fame for the sake of ego is complete and utter bullshit. It’s so easy to get caught up in it and I confess to feeling the pull of ego myself. This makes people arrogant and self indulgent. It makes people feel like their shit doesn’t stink. Fame is good for all of us, it makes supporting our families easier and opens doors to new opportunities, but it is a dangerous road to travel because it is so easy to become distracted and loose site of why we are doing this. It’s for our families, not our egos.

Be famous, but don’t be a douche bag.


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