Book Review #2 - Seth Godin's "The Dip"

Written by on Mar 10 2008

I purchased this book because we love Seth’s blog. Seth Godin posts these short powerful blog posts, they’re a great way to start the day. “The Dip” is about quitting, it’s about how quitting is good and how it frees you to do the things you’re good at or the things you can succeed at.

This is a great book, here’s how I can relate to it. I played division 1 college football at University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). I played offensive line and was one of the better linemen on the team. College football is an 80 hour a week job that wears you down both mentally and physically. I devoted 7 years of my life to football, winning numerous awards in high school (All-State, All-Star Games). I quit football my junior year in college because it literally owned me, my grades suffered because of it. It pulled me away from my true passion, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Okay bad joke, my passion is business, design and technology. I didn’t have the time to allocate to both, so I picked my passion which wasn’t bashing my brains in everyday. Looking back I made the right decision, I probably would have never learned anything and I wouldn’t have had time to explore my passion. My advice and I think Seth would agree – try everything, quit most, find your passion and run with it.


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