Best Columbus Day Tweets

Written by on Oct 9 2012

Here are my favorite funny tweets from Columbus Day 2012. Enjoy!

Happy Columbus Day? So when he went & destroyed an entire group of people he got a holiday? This is because I don’t have a nose, isn’t it?

— The Dark Lord (@Lord_Voldemort7) October 8, 2012
> If it wasn’t for Chris Columbus I’d be in Nairobi under a mango tree surrounded by naked women singing tribal songs.

— Tyree Hudson (@TyreeHudson) October 8, 2012
> Christopher Columbus was lucky to have found America first. His nemesis Garmin Von Goögle Maps showed up minutes later after taking Route 2.

— Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5) October 8, 2012
> To celebrate Columbus Day, I’m letting iOS6 maps guide me to the wrong office where I’ll slaughter everyone and take their gold.

— Brandon Mathis (@imathis) October 8, 2012
> Yesterday, I tried writing a poem for some kids in honor of Columbus Day. But I couldn’t find a word that rhymed with “genocide”.

— Kyrus Westcott (@kyrustweet) October 9, 2012


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