You can't teach ambition

Written by on Dec 19 2011

We all know that handful of talented people with no drive to do anything special with that talent. Or they want to do something with it, but either never do or squander it floundering on “wastes of time.”

For us, watching these people slog through life is painful. We want to help them. We try to convince them they can do it. We try to hand feed them ambition in tiny bite-sized bits. “Yumm! Ambition tastes good!” we tell them. “Try a bite!”

We beg them, laying out the steps they need to take to get started, but you can’t teach ambition.

Their ambition can be lit two different ways:

  1. This person can see your ambition and copy it. If they mimic ambition enough, change is possible.
  2. You can scare a person into being ambitious. Some coaches, teachers or parents may do this. However force-fed ambition is rarely sustained.

Ambition is an awakening. It’s taking note of your life’s current trajectory, and then, in a moment of clarity, seeing what your life’s path could be and running towards it as fast as you can.


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