Art has no instructions

Written by on Jan 25 2013

Remember when you were a kid and you’d draw something just to draw something? There wasn’t a right way to do it. You built a fort in the living room with the sofa cushions, and used a blanket for the roof. You weren’t concerned if you were “doing it right.” You just made it. You built this fort the way you thought it should be, you didn’t hesitate.

At some point in the past 20 years, you became concerned that other people would look at the art you’re creating and think you’re not doing it right.

Creating something special doesn’t come with instructions; there isn’t a wrong way to create art. You create something that you think is beautiful and you share it. Then you create another thing and share it, and another and share it. You follow your heart/gut/creative mind and go with it.

There are no instructions to creating art, so don’t wait for any.

Side Note: I’ve really enjoyed creating lamps and tables lately.


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