Written by on Feb 12 2010

Addict: A person who is so longing for happiness that s/he makes a series of bad decisions until those bad decisions have become an incredibly strong habit. At first these decisions gave the appearance of leading towards happiness, but they do not, and once the habit is formed it is very, very difficult to change directions.

Is this how you are? Maybe not with drugs or alcohol, but are you like this about something? Have you lost sight (or maybe you weren’t aware in the first place) that all you wanted was happiness?

Are you like this with your business? Did the first few decisions work for you and now you’re just desperately repeating them over and over, because you’re unable to change tactics? We all fall into this from time to time, but once you realize it you can break free and make good decisions again, not just the same decision.

I’m Steve, and I’m a businaholic.


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