Flying Cars Are Only Ten Years Away

Written by on Jan 21 2013

It seems like any time someone someone talks about the future they ask “why don’t we have flying cars yet?!” I think we will have them very soon and here’s how it will happen.

Why we don’t have flying cars now

Flying cars are dangerous! Most people are bad drivers and flying a plane is much harder than driving a car. Since there are no fender benders in an airplane crash, a flying car accident will be considerable worse.

What it will take to get flying cars

To get flying cars we need to solve the safety issue. This is solved by having cars that fly themselves with no human intervention. To get that we need people to feel safer in a flying car than they are today when driving themselves. Here’s how it will happen:

  1. Automated cars will become commonplace (about 5-7 years away)
  2. Drone planes/helicopters will become commonplace (about 7-10 years away)
  3. Some genius will glue an automated car to a drone plane or helicopter (about 10-12 years away)

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