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What does your website do? (your copy is shit)

Written by on Mar 9 2016

Your website copy assumes I have an inkling of what your website does. Bad assumption.

When a company acts like a friend...

Written by on Jan 15 2013

More companies should act like friends instead of doing "marketing". Here's an example of friendship marketing.

Sales isn't about selling

Written by on Jul 9 2012

We don't do a "good job" of promoting our products, we tell our story. What's your story?

Steve & Allan's Session from Barcamp Orlando

Written by on Apr 17 2012

This past weekend Steve and I attended Barcamp Orlando. During our session we spoke about marketing & sales of our ruby on rails consultancy. Here's the recording of the talk

Social Currency Example in B2B SaaS Software

Written by on Dec 5 2011

How do you enable your users to talk about your app? How do you give value back to your users as an incentive?

Search Engine Optimization is not the devil

Written by on Nov 22 2011

LessEverything recently started working with an seo company, and we're learning best practices. We're excited to share what we're learning!

The most powerful marketing has no metric

Written by on Apr 11 2011

Data is powerful but it's hard to track the power of love and kindness.

Meeting Expectations

Written by on Mar 9 2011

Being content with meeting the expectations of your customers is the quickest way to being unremarkable, uninteresting, unmemorable and struggling to make payroll.

Brand is the aftermath of your actions

Written by on Mar 30 2010

Allan explains why "branding" is one of the dumbest terms ever conceived.

Location, Location, Location

Written by on Feb 4 2010

Steven's take on what caused a local coffee shop near his daughter's school to close down.

How To Make Money

Written by on Jul 24 2009

Some lessons on how to make money using great ideas, valuable research and target audiences.

Deal or Value: what are you selling?

Written by on Apr 10 2009

Newsflash: our economy is tanking, what are you selling? Are you providing a great deal or a value?

What are you selling?

Written by on Mar 19 2009

What answer is your potential customer looking for when they're looking at your website?

Great marketing is about patience and creativity

Written by on Feb 10 2009

There are no shortcuts to marketing with banners and cheap gizmos. Try providing quality products and service for an extended period of time.

Who are you?

Written by on Oct 27 2008

How can you create a group of people that appreciate your oddities and are willing to pay you because of them?

3 Reasons People Don't Actually Read Your Blog

Written by on Sep 22 2008

Allan shares some insight on 3 things it takes to have a successful blog with a good readership.

Working an Afternoon with Less

Written by on Sep 15 2008

Take a couple minutes and watch this documentary shared by Allan.

A McDonald's Manager's #1 Concern is...

Written by on Jul 31 2008

A bit of (dare we say it) wisdom about marketing from your local McDonald's.

Reputation Management - Lesson #1 Homework

Written by on Apr 3 2008

Who are you to the online world? Be careful, you may be someone you weren't thinking...

Timing is Everything

Written by on Mar 19 2008

This is a look at how timing and awareness can help you realize and reach your target audience.

Bad commercial, a case of bad editing?

Written by on Jan 10 2008

If you have a bad editor, you are probably wasting ad dollars.

Casual Copywriting

Written by on Dec 18 2007

Allan shows us a few examples of the kind of casual copy we'd all like to see more of.