Google is the New Yellow Pages

Written by on Aug 9 2007

Does anyone besides my grandmother still use the yellow pages? Its a product that has virtually lost its appeal due to google and other search engines. I watch countless TV commercials for “” and shake my head, yellowpages totally let the window of opportunity slip past them. The Yellow Pages is a product that has been totally snuffed out by another product different in nature but still a direct competitor. I have put my yellow pages next to all my Slinky, Silly Putty, VCR, Trapper Keeper and roller skates.


Chris said on August 09, 2007

The yellow pages is good for holding up my monitors, and acting as a surrogate yoga block. I got 4 of them this year on my doorstep and would rather use them constructively than have to recycle them.

But other than that, google is it, but whitepages, no one can beat the old phone book for that.

Josh said on August 09, 2007

I recently learned how to tear a phone book in half on wikihow.

So now, I love to collect all the phone books in my neighborhood that people don’t use and perfect my skill (which is the only thing they are good for now).

Here is the video:

Ben said on August 10, 2007

I agree that the book sucks but I do use my yellow pages widget in OSX more than google to lookup companies.

molly said on August 10, 2007

haha! that’s the best! totally agree.

I am terrible at manually looking for things such as using the phone book, finding movies at the movie store, groceries… well… actually, I could talk about my pet peeve with grocery store organization for days, but you get the point.

I use my phone book as a footrest under my computer desk. but the internet was down for like 30 min and I actually had to use the bugger! It was a bad experience.


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