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Announcing LessCruise 2017, put your deposit down ASAP!

Written by on Aug 23 2016

Let's go on a cruise, hangout and share some deep thoughts about businessing. Port Miami, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, Cozumel leaving March 5th 2017

LessConf sponsors are the best

Written by on Apr 22 2013

A little thank you note to the sponsors of LessConf 2013.

You Are Welcome at LessConf, Please Come

Written by on Mar 11 2013

Steve makes a special invitation to LessConf to people not of "privilege."

Just Have Fun With It

Written by on Feb 18 2013

Steve gives the secret to speaking in front of a group of people.

LessConf 2013 Announced

Written by on Dec 10 2012

LessConf 2013 details are announced, it's time to get excited people!

LessConf 2013 Apply Now

Written by on Oct 26 2012

The next LessConf will be on another level again in 2013. Each year gets better, crazier more fun, more social, more learning & more friendships will be made.

LessMoney Speaker: Geoff DiMasi of punk avenue

Written by on May 2 2012

We're very excited about the upcoming LessMoney workshop event this summer in Tampa Florida. Here's the third speaker profile!

LessMoney Speaker: Carl Smith of NGen Works

Written by on Apr 26 2012

We're very excited about the upcoming LessMoney workshop event this summer in Tampa Florida. Here's the second speaker profile!

LessMoney Conference Promo Videos

Written by on Apr 18 2012

LessFilms releases a couple of promo videos for our upcoming conference focused on running a web shop

LessMoney Speaker: Chad Pytel of Thoughtbot

Written by on Apr 3 2012

We're very excited about the upcoming LessMoney workshop event this summer in Tampa Florida. Here's the first speaker profile!

Announcing: LessMoney Conference

Written by on Mar 13 2012

We're excited to announce an event that focuses on the business side of running a small web shop; sales, best practices, hiring, client management and marketing your talents.

We have the best friends (a LessConf Thank You!)

Written by on Mar 1 2012

This year's LessConf was the best year yet. Our friends came out in the hundreds to support this unique event.

How Steve & Allan prepared for LessConf 2012.

Written by on Jan 24 2012

Preparing for LessConf takes a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week commitment. Here's how Steve & Allan get themselves into the right mindset & physical well-being to host the world's greatest conference.

(Interrogation Promo Video) Who is speaking at LessConf?

Written by on Jan 2 2012

LessConf 2012 Promo Video!

LessConf Promo Video 1, "Good Morning!"

Written by on Dec 13 2011

We're excited about our 4th LessConf adventure, and we hope you can attend.

Pitch Events Are Scary, But I Kick Ass. Here's Why...

Written by on Jan 19 2011

Allan outlines his experience pitching LessAccounting at StartupRiot in Atlanta last year.

iPhone Development Talk Part 1 Video

Written by on Oct 1 2010

Here's a video of Steve talking about app development for iPhone at RubyJax.

What I Learned from Planning LessConf3010

Written by on May 25 2010

Allan shares some great insight on what went into this year's LessConf and what things were learned.

LessConf3010, Movie Trailer

Written by on Apr 5 2010

Less Everything announces: LessConf3010!

The Miracle of Lesstivus

Written by on Dec 22 2009

Steve shares a made up holiday meant to commemorate the day he and Allan first started working together.

Steve and Allan on the road!

Written by on Nov 3 2009

Steve and Allan are traveling to a few key cities and would love to hang out with you.

I'm in Love With The LessConf Speakers

Written by on Oct 28 2009

Allan explains just what it is about this year's LessConf speakers that makes him so happy.

Mr. T Introduces the Speakers and Dino Attacks

Written by on Oct 13 2009

Speaker introductions for LessConf.

LessConf Preview

Written by on Oct 5 2009

Steve gives a sample of the kinds of talks you'll see at the first ever LessConf.

BarCampTampa Wrap-Up

Written by on Sep 29 2009

A summary of what went down at this BarCampTampa 2009 and a look to the future with LessConf and BarCampJax.

LessConf Promo Video

Written by on Sep 14 2009

Help promote LessConf by tweeting out this link its first promo video.

RailsWayCon - Berlin Wrap UP

Written by on May 29 2009

Steven gives a detailed look at RailsWayCon on his last day in Berlin.

RailsConf Europe Is Happening

Written by on May 8 2009

Steve shares his excitement about RailsConf Europe 2009.

Passionate Training

Written by on Sep 11 2008

Steve receives a nice compliment and decides to share it.

I'm Speaking at Dynamic Languages World Europe 08

Written by on May 8 2008

Steven is taking a trip to Karlsruhe, Germany. Where?

At BarCamp Orlando

Written by on Apr 8 2008

A rundown of our talks at BarCamp Orlando 2008.

Find that one sentence...

Written by on Apr 7 2008

Allan talks about the value of absorbing a single thought rather than overwhelming yourself with information.

RailsConf 2008

Written by on Jan 28 2008

Announcing: RailsConf 2008 tickets.

I'm Back from SEED Conference

Written by on Jan 21 2008

Allan talks in detail about his time at SEED Conference 2008.