Less.TV episode 3

Written by on Nov 27 2008

We hope you enjoy this on your Thanksgiving Day holiday. (And yes, I am working today.)

A week and a half ago I wrote an article called Guy Kawasaki is an Idiot. As usual, I tweeted about it and then Allan tweeted about it. Then something unexpected happened: Guy Kawasaki, showing that he is a good sport, retweeted it. But Guy retweeted Allan’s tweet, not mine. For the rest of the day Allan kept getting emails and followers and people tweeting and blogging about him. It became a very popular post for us, our daily traffic more than tripled. Everyone knows that Allan is the popular, funny one while I am the smart, sexy one. Most people don’t know that I have always been a bit jealous of his popularity. At non-tech conferences people are always coming up to me and saying “Are you Less Allan?” So this day I was giving Allan a bit of a hard time for not telling people that it was me that wrote the post. The video starts off with me looking pretty bad but I think it ends well. Allan did his trick of not telling me it was recording.

So here is another unedited, backstage glimpse into Less:


Hi I'm Steven,

I wrote the article you're reading... I lead the developers, write music, used to race motorcycles, and help clients find the right features to build on their product.

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