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Meet Ali & Let Her Teach You About How To Get Your First Tattoo

Written by on Mar 13 2017

Meet my friend Ali Roudabush. Ali is a tattoo artist, former letterpress designer and recently she educated me on getting my first tattoo.

Meet Michael & Let Him Teach You How Cigars Are Made

Written by on Feb 7 2017

Meet Michael...Michael is unlike anyone you'll ever meet. He's a designer, artist and cigar aficionado...I wanted Micahel to teach me about cigars.

Allan's Ten Year Goals From 2003

Written by on Dec 30 2016

My wife recently found a piece of paper where we wrote down our ten year goals in 2003. Simple times, simple goals...here's a review.

Meet Clay - A Better Way To Introduce Yourself To New People

Written by on Dec 28 2016

Meet Clay... Clay has a framework for teaching a better way to introduce yourself to new people. Watch this video.

I Don't Know is Bullshit.

Written by on Nov 21 2013

What is a valid reason to do something? When "I don't know" is the answer, the answer is really, "no."

Why Pixels Stopped Satisfying My Creativity

Written by on Oct 3 2013

Pixles are fun, instant in gradification, but the ability to iterate them and their lack of timeless creative value leaves me looking to create more things outside of pixels.

Drifting Through Life

Written by on Oct 1 2013

The life rut of drifting slowed my pace of creating. Drifting through life kills my spirit. I must create a legacy.

Getting Sass or Scss Compass running on Rails 4

Written by on Aug 2 2013

Rails4 is the new hotness in the Ruby world, getting compass Sass or Scss setup has proven to be error prone. and confusing. Here's a quick tip that stumped us for a few hours.

LessConf The Musical

Written by on Jun 17 2013

LessConf 2013 was magical, and so legendary we had a music video made for the event. Beat that.

Our Workshop on Bootstrapping and Accounting for Startups

Written by on Jun 17 2013

We host small workshops for entrepreneurs. Our casual workshops contain stories from the mistakes we made over the past six years.

Parenting Milestones as seen by Allan and Steve

Written by on May 20 2013

Our business hits milestones but here are some parenting milestones we see as parents of young children.

Be Awesome and Get a Shirt

Written by on May 10 2013

Are you a LessAccounting customer? If so, fill out the form and you will receive a garment that makes you...

Welcome to less

Written by on Dec 29 2006