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You Make Up The Title To This

Written by on Sep 5 2012

Disney custodians surprised me with their water art.

Improving Dunning Emails & Adding Phone Call Follow-ups

Written by on Aug 16 2012

This is how we raised our monthly billings +$5000 in a few months with minimal effort, no advertising and no additional sign-ups.

How to turn an upset customer into a happy customer

Written by on Aug 9 2012

I grew up in the car wash business, my Grandfather opened car washes in the early 1950's and my Dad still runs them today. As a child I saw my Dad talking to the occasional upset customers at the car washes we owned.

Don't nickel & dime customers into hating you

Written by on Feb 25 2011

The relationship with your customer is built on trust. Trust is fragile and hard to repair.

Setup These Automated Emails

Written by on Jan 18 2011

We have many automated emails on LessAccounting. Most don't apply to your application, but here are a few that might.

Send Better Automated Emails

Written by on Jan 3 2011

Here are a few points to make your emails feel less automated, more readable and more actionable.

Customers looking for a deal

Written by on Apr 15 2009

Everyone is on a budget, but beware of the customer that picks you jsut because you're cheaper than another company.

Why Can't Marketing Just Be Kindness?

Written by on Feb 10 2009

What would happen if apps like Quickbooks offered free quality tech support for their flawed products instead of giving away more money?

SMS Notifications in Real Life

Written by on Dec 18 2007

When are text message appropriate to notify customers about the status of their service?

Return Your Emails (Customer Support)

Written by on Dec 12 2007

In a day and age where correspondence is the thing; emails are everything.