My English Teacher's Thoughts

Written by on Mar 10 2016

My Dad just sent me this. It’s from my High School English Teacher, Senior year.

I think she was overly kind because I ditched her class less than any other.

“Steve is wise in the ways of man. Socially he is capable of considerable leadership. His rebellious nature is well developed, but never seems to compromise his ability to change minds nor consolidate power with teachers as well as peers.

He is especially well read, very curious, has a fine ear for the English language and reproduces it with originality and intensity.

He is at the same time a sensitive young man who takes time to care for others.

If there is a downside in this exceptional young person, it is his desire to know all there is to know which keeps him moving rapidly through the curriculum of life rather than settling into a deep consideration of its elements.“

  Below Average Average Good (Above average) Very Good (well above average) Exceptional (top 10%) One of the top few encountered in my career
Creative, original thought         X  
Motivation         X  
Independence, initiative           X
Intellectual ability         X  
Academic achievement       X    
Written expression of ideas         X  
Effective class discussion         X  
Disciplined work habits       X    
Potential for growth           X
Summary evaluation         X  

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