Your Twitter Stream Sucks.

Written by on Oct 26 2010

This article is probably about you. Your tweets have bored me lately and I’ve probably bored you with my tweets. Actually, who am I kidding my tweets are entertaining. Please continue reading. Here’s why people stop following you.

  • I’m not watching the same tv show you are so if you’re making comments about Glee, True Blood or American Idol you’re tweets are out of context for me. Tweets that are out of context don’t make sense to others.
  • I’m not in your city, so I don’t care about your foursquare and gowalla checkins you’re killing everyone that isn’t 2 miles from you.
  • Your tweets are just links to articles, you’re basically an rss feed. I want a little bit of personality in your tweets, I want to know you.
  • You’re not really yourself on Twitter. I can tell if you’re faking it, if you’re happy happy all the time it sucks.
  • If you’re negative all the time you’re bringing me down. I don’t want to kill myself please don’t make me feel like I should.
  • You post too many inspirational quotes, is this because you have nothing to say?
  • You retweet instead of replying to a person. Example “Do you want to eat dinner with me? RT @StevenBristol I’m hungry!” Please stop doing this its terrible.

Just so you know, here’s what I like

I want to know you. I want to see a picture of your dog and your kids playing. I would love to know what you think about a new web service that launched. Link me to an article you like on politics. Tell me about where you want to vacation. I’d love to know if you’re going to a conference that I might should attend. If you’re funny, be funny. Be yourself, all the time. This doesn’t mean you should tweet your every thought.

I’m the same person on Twitter as I am in person, sexy hotness.

I’m fairly opinionated in person, so I am on Twitter. I tweet things about my kids occasionally, if you stop following me because of this its probably for the best. Don’t build a persona on Twitter but realize everytime you tweet its an opportunity for someone to unfollow you. Accept this and embrace it to build the following that you want.

Now you should follow me on Twitter.


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