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What Can You Do?

Written by on Jul 6 2013

Steve explains how we put limits on what we can achive because we doubt ourselves. Steve has a breakthrough while focusing on running & health.

Entrepreneurs Take Care of Yourself First

Written by on Jun 26 2013

As an entrepreneur taking time to relax is very important. If you're not feeling good then you cannot lead a team to build a great product.

We Love Front-End Design Conference

Written by on Jun 24 2013

Each year Front-End Design Conference gets better and better. The 2013 event was the best ever. This year we provided a pizza lunch for attendees. With cool events like these, we’re proud to call Florida home to our company headquarters.

LessConf The Musical

Written by on Jun 17 2013

LessConf 2013 was magical, and so legendary we had a music video made for the event. Beat that.

Our Workshop on Bootstrapping and Accounting for Startups

Written by on Jun 17 2013

We host small workshops for entrepreneurs. Our casual workshops contain stories from the mistakes we made over the past six years.

How I'm Facing My Fears

Written by on Jun 6 2013

Allan is finally taking speaking engagements. He's facing his fears... and you should too.

Types of Conversations between Business Partners

Written by on May 28 2013

Communicating is one of the hardest parts in business. There are different types of conversations, here's how to identify them.

Parenting Milestones as seen by Allan and Steve

Written by on May 20 2013

Our business hits milestones but here are some parenting milestones we see as parents of young children.

What Funding Actually Gets You

Written by on May 17 2013

Funding is not the wrong path in business, only a different path. Read more and see what millions of dollars actually gets you.

Be Awesome and Get a Shirt

Written by on May 10 2013

Are you a LessAccounting customer? If so, fill out the form and you will receive a garment that makes you...

Creativity is a fickle muscle

Written by on Apr 29 2013

Creativity can be killed...

LessConf sponsors are the best

Written by on Apr 22 2013

A little thank you note to the sponsors of LessConf 2013.

How We Handle Our Remote Teams

Written by on Mar 27 2013

Here's how Steve and Allan run a remote team and stay connected while being remote business partners.

You Are Welcome at LessConf, Please Come

Written by on Mar 11 2013

Steve makes a special invitation to LessConf to people not of "privilege."

You guys make it look so easy

Written by on Mar 1 2013

Business is not easy, please don't think it's easy for us.

Your Social Insecurities Are Probably Normal

Written by on Feb 25 2013

Allan explains his social insecurities while attending industry conferences and meeting new people.

Our Desperate Egos

Written by on Feb 19 2013

The battle against yourself.

Just Have Fun With It

Written by on Feb 18 2013

Steve gives the secret to speaking in front of a group of people.

It's only scary at the top.

Written by on Jan 31 2013

I cannot think of a summary for this article.

Time Allocation Formula for Creating a Viable Business

Written by on Jan 30 2013

Here's how we spent our time over the past 6 years creating multiple revenue streams for LessEverything.

Art has no instructions

Written by on Jan 25 2013

Creating your art does not come with instructions.

Fear just refocuses itself

Written by on Jan 24 2013

Fighting back fears in life is tough, it does get easier but it'll always be a battle against your inner self.

Flying Cars Are Only Ten Years Away

Written by on Jan 21 2013

Steve explains how flying cars will finally be brought to reality.

When a company acts like a friend...

Written by on Jan 15 2013

More companies should act like friends instead of doing "marketing". Here's an example of friendship marketing.

When I'm Ready...

Written by on Jan 10 2013

Don't wait for the "right time" to start creating your art.

What did I learn in 2012?

Written by on Jan 1 2013

2012 taught me some painful but valuable lessons.

Types of Relationships

Written by on Dec 17 2012

Steve describes and categorizes the types of relationships he has

LessConf 2013 Announced

Written by on Dec 10 2012

LessConf 2013 details are announced, it's time to get excited people!

Turbolinks and Other Libraries

Written by on Nov 27 2012

Steve gives us a heads up on how to make Turbolinks and other JavaScript libraries play nice together in Ruby on Rails applications.

LessConf 2013 Apply Now

Written by on Oct 26 2012

The next LessConf will be on another level again in 2013. Each year gets better, crazier more fun, more social, more learning & more friendships will be made.

A new logo for LessAccounting, the process.

Written by on Oct 22 2012

A guest post from Casey Dewalt of about the redesign process of the new LessAccounting logo.

Best Columbus Day Tweets

Written by on Oct 9 2012

Allan saves some of his favorite funny tweets from Columbus Day 2012.

1Password Tips

Written by on Oct 3 2012

Allan is now using 1password for managing his secure passwords. Here's a few tips...

LessFilms, Video Animation for Tech Companies

Written by on Sep 24 2012

Our video animation and live action video company has really taken off, we're proud and excited about the future. Check out some of their latest works.

6 Sublime Text features/enhancements that I've discovered in the past 5 hours using the app

Written by on Sep 19 2012

I recently switched code editors from Textmate to Sublime Text. Here's what I've found in the past few hours since I started using Sublime Text.

How We Improved Billing Form Conversions

Written by on Sep 14 2012

We removed a few fields from our billing form to reduce the friction of getting into our app, here's what we did.

I'm Still Pretending To Be Zack Morris

Written by on Sep 7 2012

Allan talks about how he pretends to be an extrovert when he's really an introvert.

You Make Up The Title To This

Written by on Sep 5 2012

Disney custodians surprised me with their water art.

How My Parents Unknowingly Raised Me To Be An Entrepreneur

Written by on Aug 24 2012

I don't think my parent's goal for me was to be an entrepreneur but here I am.

Dear Friends, Please Don't Ask for Help. Unless...

Written by on Aug 20 2012

Allan writes a letter to people that seek help but don't put in the effort themselves.

People that can "find the time"

Written by on Aug 19 2012

Success people are not smarter than you, they're not better looking, less stressed or better dancers. They're only able to find the time to improve, meet people and help their careers soar.

Improving Dunning Emails & Adding Phone Call Follow-ups

Written by on Aug 16 2012

This is how we raised our monthly billings +$5000 in a few months with minimal effort, no advertising and no additional sign-ups.

The Sweet Fantasy of The Pipe Dream

Written by on Aug 13 2012

New entrepreneurs are naive to what it's really like running a business.

Named Scopes Calling Named Scopes

Written by on Aug 10 2012

Did you know that in rails a named scope can call another named scope?

How to turn an upset customer into a happy customer

Written by on Aug 9 2012

I grew up in the car wash business, my Grandfather opened car washes in the early 1950's and my Dad still runs them today. As a child I saw my Dad talking to the occasional upset customers at the car washes we owned.

Lambdas and Procs in Named Scopes

Written by on Aug 9 2012

Steve shows that you can use in a named scope instead of a lambda.

Making Methods Available to Class and Instance in Ruby

Written by on Aug 6 2012

Steve shows us how make a method that's defined in a module available to both the class scope and the instance scope.

The Difference Between include and extend in Ruby

Written by on Aug 2 2012

Today Steve shares with us the difference between the Ruby methods include and extend.

The Difference Between instance_eval and class_eval in Ruby

Written by on Aug 1 2012

Steve takes us on a small trip into Ruby metaprogramming by discussing the difference between instance_eval and class_eval.

Web apps must sell one of these...

Written by on Jul 24 2012

Your app must either make your customers "feel emotional value" or "make them feel empowered".

LessAccounting says no to GoDaddy. Outright says yes.

Written by on Jul 19 2012

We are a firm believer in "you are who you associate with."

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