LessAccounting says no to GoDaddy. Outright says yes.

Written by on Jul 19 2012

You may have heard by now that GoDaddy has bought Outright (a competitor to LessAccounting in the small-business bookkeeping software space).

Here’s a small part of the story that you may not have heard: About two years ago, we were approached by GoDaddy. They were interested in buying LessAccounting. We had a few calls with them but ultimately decided that we didn’t want to work with them. GoDaddy didn’t share our ethic of trying to make things easy for people, their support sucks, and they have low moral fiber. That’s not something we want to be associated with. Our reputation and who we hang out with means a lot to us, as it should to our customers.

We don’t have anything against the folks at Outright, and we wish them the best. It’s just we are a firm believer in “you are who you associate with.” For those of you who feel the same or have a moral object to using Outright now that they are part of the GoDaddy family, use the coupon code “ NoDaddy” for four months free of LessAccounting.com. You can sign up now at lessaccounting.com/pricing.

About a year ago we moved all of our stuff off of GoDaddy and onto DNSimple.com, which is owned and run by a friend of ours. (If you’re still on GoDaddy we suggest you move too.)

Update: The coupon code “NoDaddy” is no longer valid as of November 1, 2012.


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