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Written by on Apr 22 2013

LessConf 2013 was a smashing success. If you missed it, I am sorry, you’ll have to live with that regret the rest of your life.

But this blog post isn’t about you, it’s about the sponsors. The companies that give us their hard-earned money, allowing us to spend it on weird, interesting, adventurous things that make LessConf not your typical conference. Remember that these people give us a lot of money because they love you and they want you to have a good time. Please hold a special place in your heart for them.

Here are the highlights of LessConf and the folks who sponsored them

Opening Reception

Chargify for recurring payments. Chargify helped us supply a Southern seafood boil as the opening reception to LessConf. The party featured a zoo presentation with animals like a baby hedgehog, an alligator and a baby kangaroo.

Friday Morning Breakfast

Bluebox is custom cloud solutions. Friday breakfast at the hotel was paid for by Bluebox.net. Remember all the bacon you ate? They paid for it.

Friday Night’s Party

  • EngineYard, cloud hosting for Ruby and PHP apps.
  • SendGrid, cloud-based email infrastructure.

These two amazing companies teamed up to give us a wild bash at my house. Yes, we literally had a party at my house. We had wild boar sliders and other amazing food. The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus act taught us how to throw knives and we had a 12-foot-tall movie screen showing Kill Bill and Office Space. Oh, oh, I didn’t mention the tight rope lessons. Also a local artist, Christon Anderson, displayed his art and finished a piece of work as he talked to attendees.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Grasshopper, the entrepreneur’s phone system, sponsored the breakfast on Saturday. There were omelets, too!

Saturday’s Taco Bar Lunch

DYN (pronounced “dine”) handles DNS and email infrastructure. They also helped us create a massive taco bar lunch. Anyone try the sweet potato salad? It was da bomb.

Did you try the hot sauces? Those were provided by Dragon Blood Elixir and Adoboloco

Mailchimp’s Dune Buggy and Zip Line Adventure Afternoon

Mailchimp for email newsletters. There are some companies that constantly help people like us do crazy things. Mailchimp has been a LessConf contributor for the past four years. This year Mailchimp paid for dune buggies and zip lining. Thankfully everyone survived this adventure.

Saturday Night’s Beach Party

  • Yodlee handles bank data through a rich API—they power the data aggregation for LessAccounting.
  • MongoHQ for blazing fast, SSD-powered MongoDB.
  • Smartling, quickly get your content translated into other languages.

These great companies helped us throw a beach party like no other. Under a huge tent, we ate roasted pig, had two bonfires, a musical performance from Andy D, plenty of drinks, laughs and good times. The after party spilled over into the 6th floor presidential suite.

Sunday Breakfast

Moo prints stickers, mailing labels, postcards and business cards. This breakfast was eaten by some tired attendees. After three days of talks and parties this battle-tested group stumbled into breakfast with tired eyes but hungry stomachs.

Sunday’s Lunch

Zipmark is the simplest way to pay bills, send and receive payments. Sunday was a sad day as attendees headed out to the airport …all day as LessConf came to an end. Lunch was served in the 6th floor presidential suite. Attendees ate lunch, chatted and shared knowledge all afternoon while enjoying the food Zipmark sponsored.

Thirsty Attendees

Github for hosted git repos. Do you have any idea how many bottles of water 200 people drink over the course of 72 hours? The answer is 2,500 bottles of water. Github helped us quench the thirst of our super friends.


DNSimple …DNS, made simple. Do you know how much coffee 200 people drink in 72 hours? The answer is 18 gallons. DNSimple paid to fill your brains with caffeine via coffee. Beans were provided by deathwishcoffee.

Other Awesome Sponsors

  • Moovweb, transforming desktop sites into powerful mobile experiences.
  • BuySellAds, buy ads, sell ads with Buy Sell Ads.
  • NewRelic, web app monitoring.
  • Tito.io, the best event ticketing app.
  • BlueOxJerky, beef jerky that punches other beef jerky in the face.
  • StickerMule, print stickers with Sticker Mule.
  • CreativeMarket, buy fonts, vector art and themes with Creative Market.
  • ThreadBird, get your shirts printed with Threadbird, use the code “8%OFFLESSSCONF2013” for a deal. Offer valid until 6/15/2013.

Our sponsors are the best. They trust we’ll showcase their companies in a positive light. They know we’ll use their money and bring them a return on their investment. Without trusting sponsors, LessConf wouldn’t have been the same.

Thank you to all the companies that helped us.


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