When a company acts like a friend...

Written by on Jan 15 2013

Something special happens when a company acts like a real human or even a friend. Seeing something real/authentic from a company is endearing for me, it draws me closer to the company. It makes me more forgiving for any issue they have, it further strengthens my loyalty to their product.

Grasshopper, the entrepreneur’s phone system, recently posted a picture on Facebook. The image was of a few business cards with sketches on them.

I commented on the facebook status.

I want to see some original art. 1) A dragon with big juicy pink lips 2) An octopus with horns 3) A snake with hands, holding a sword.

…and I forgot about it…

Yesterday I received a small envelope in the mail. Inside this surprise was a yellow post-it note with “Challenge Accepted” written on it and three business cards with the artwork requested. I couldn’t help but smile for the next few minutes.

Companies rarely treat their customers as friends. They treat their customers as someone they’d use/abuse and throw away. They treat their customers like data, churn, lifetime value. Do you quantity your real friends like that? I hope not. Would you leave your friend on hold for 20 minutes? Would you refuse to give your friend back their money if they weren’t happy?

Marketing isn’t just one big, giant push, it’s 1000 small opportunities that build into something magical but real. It’s 1000 small decisions to do take hold of a small idea & run with it.

Do you think Grasshopper was worried about being “too silly”? Maybe, who knows. Do you think they thought “wouldn’t it be cool if we sent Allan some business card art?” Yes, they thought that an immediately took action on that spark of inspiration.

You must fight the fear of judgement, be yourself and take action on those moments of inspiration because they’re fleeting.


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