Parenting Milestones as seen by Allan and Steve

Written by on May 20 2013

The Setup

I have two small children: Jimmy, age six, and Sarah, age four. Steve has three kids, Abby age 11, Amelia age 10 and Zoli who is six years old. Steve and I discuss parenting often and recently were talking about parenting milestones. Many of our friends & customers are parents so I thought it would be fun to talk about parenting milestones.

Below are parental milestones you won’t read about in parenting books.

  • Age 2, Can “help Daddy find the remote to the TV.”
  • Age 3, Wipe their own butts.
  • Age 3, Will wake up and go into the guest room and watch TV on the weekends while Daddy and Mommy sleep.
  • Age 4, Can reach indoor light switches and can be taught to keep lights turned off.
  • Age 4, Can reach fan switches and will “Go turn the fan on for Daddy.”
  • Age 4, Will feed the dog, putting food in his bowl and water, too.
  • Ape 4, Brush their own teeth.
  • Age 4, Can “pour your sister some juice.”
  • Age 4, My kids are strong swimmers, so they don’t need me to hover when they’re in the pool.
  • Age 5, Can get their own snack from a low kitchen cabinet.
  • Age 6, “I want money”
  • Age 8, “Your tooth is loose? Can I pull it out?” “No!”
  • Age 9, “Your tooth is loose? Can I pull it out?” “If you give me a dollar.”
  • Age 9, Can do the dishes.
  • Age 7, Insists on picking out their own clothes.
  • Age 11, “I’m bored.”
  • Age 10, Wants to start their own business. Right now.

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