LessConf 2013 Announced

Written by on Dec 10 2012

We’re really excited to announce that LessConf 2013 will be in Panama City Beach Florida, April 11-13th. This is our fifth year hosting LessConf, an event for passionate people creating amazing things.

Why Panama City Beach Florida?

That’s where Allan is from, he has connections to all the wildest things we could imagine. LessConf 2013 will be an adventure-life-tech event.

This is my first time, what is this event like?

Our attendees are the friendliest people on the planet. The speakers are inspirational, we focus on social, meeting people & creating relationships. Prepare yourself to laugh and smile at this event.

Here’s a little video

We’re hoping to keep the event small & special with 250 tickets available. Last year we had 235 weirdos attend. Super Friends (past attendees) should be receiving their unique discount code in the mail + email in the next day or so. If you didn’t receive yours just email me (allan at lesseverything com) and we’ll get that fixed.

We hope you can make it this year, it’ll be wilder, more inspirational and more fun than ever before. I hope to see you soon!


Hi I'm Allan,

I wrote the article you're reading... I'm one of the co-founders of LessEverything. I love my family more than breathing and I love creating videos about our family adventures.

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