6 Sublime Text features/enhancements that I've discovered in the past 5 hours using the app

Written by on Sep 19 2012

Background : I’ve been using Textmate as my editor of choice for over 5 years. I’ve been patiently waiting for updates and enhancements. Recently a few more editors have come to market and even Textmate 2 was open-sourced. It wasn’t until last weekend my friend Stubby gave our local web meetup a Sublime demo did I realize there are better choices to write markup.

Disclosure : I write haml & sass + compass. I don’t write Ruby and never write js. I really only code about 5 hours per week.

Here are 6 Sublime features/enhancements that I’ve discovered in the past 5 hours using the app.

  1. Packages are how you install 3rd party enhancements to your Sublime app. A full-featured package manager that helps discovering, installing, updating and removing packages for Sublime Text. Setup package manager.
  2. Don’t retype simple things, record a macro & create a keyboard shortcut. Here’s a tutorial.
  3. Designers, pick colors quickly from your text editor. Setup a quick color picker.
  4. Haml/Sass People, indenting got you down? Setup guides.
  5. Open a project from Terminal, like “mate .” Create an alias.
  6. @BNlson says, here are the shortcuts I used the most…
  • CMD+P to Goto Anything
  • Shift+CMD+F to find anywhere in app

Here’s a more tricks & tips.

I’m still trying to figure out how to work “marks” into my workflow, any tips on that would be awesome. T** ry Sublime and see if you like it better than your current code editor.**


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