LessConf The Musical

Written by on Jun 17 2013
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LessConf is a sorta of conference-party-hugfest-mutant-baby. This year we flew in a circus act from NYC, we had Jack Passion with his greatest beard in the world, hosted a huge party at my house, with a tight rope, moonshine and knife throwing lessons. Oh and dune buggies plus a rope course and more food than you could eat…and speakers too.

In the late summer of 2012, I discover a kindred spirit. His name is Andy D. I listened to all his songs, Andy and Vic are pure magic. We emailed Andy, asked for a custom song that talked about all the things we had planned for LessConf 2013.

He wrote a love rap-ballad to our superfriends.

We brought Andy and Vic into town for LessConf, meeting them was like seeing old friends, they’re even more awesome in person. Our video production team shot a music video, during LessConf about LessConf with super friends involved… they created something that can only be explain as legendary.

LessConf, The Song

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