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Written by on Jul 6 2013
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The Run

I just ran 10 miles. Not only was it the first time I’ve run that far, but I did it without stopping. A week ago I was still “getting back into running,” and trying to running 5K without stopping. Then four days ago, I went for a run. I felt great and decided not to turn back at 2.5K (which is my normal half way). By the time I was done, I had run 6.2 miles. A new record.

Yesterday, I went out for a lunchtime run and ran 5 miles. I just wanted to see if the 6.2 was a fluke. Tonight I felt stressed, so I went for a run with no real plan on the distance. By the time I was close to home I was at 7.4, so I decided to run some neighborhoods and go for 10. I did it.

How I Did It

  • I didn’t set a goal for any distance.
  • When I approached a number, I thought, “Wow, 7 miles is awesome, I bet I can do 8.”
  • When I came to an intersection I’d turn away from the house, forcing more distance.
  • When my feet hurt, I paid attention to them to assess the seriousness, and then I’d focus on something else and forget about them.
  • When my muscles hurt, I’d smile because that pain meant I was doing good work.
  • When I wanted to stop and rest I said “No,” I knew it was just going to be harder after resting.
  • I didn’t dwell on shitty thoughts.
  • I enjoyed the whole run.

Here’s the Point

Four days ago, I would have said there’s no way in the world I could run 10 miles in four days, let alone 6.2 that day. If you had asked me this morning if I could run 10 miles tonight, after having run 5 yesterday, I would have said, “No way.” But I did.

What can you do in four days, or even today, that you think is impossible right now? Do I think you can go run 10 miles tomorrow, or build something amazing, or close that deal, or fill your daughter with self-esteem? How should I know? But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Just go out and do it.

In the comments tell me what you’d like to do but what you think is impossible.


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