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Want a low stress company? Your employees must have these soft-skills.

Written by on Mar 24 2017

If you want low stress, here’s a few qualities a successful client service team must have.

Meet Ali & Let Her Teach You About How To Get Your First Tattoo

Written by on Mar 13 2017

Meet my friend Ali Roudabush. Ali is a tattoo artist, former letterpress designer and recently she educated me on getting my first tattoo.

Meet Michael & Let Him Teach You How Cigars Are Made

Written by on Feb 7 2017

Meet Michael...Michael is unlike anyone you'll ever meet. He's a designer, artist and cigar aficionado...I wanted Micahel to teach me about cigars.

Goals vs. Wants

Written by on Jan 31 2017

Since selling LessAccounting Allan and I have come to realize that we've had wants not goals.

Entrepreneurship is Like Farming

Written by on Jan 31 2017

I'm finding running a company is alot like being a farmer, watching the seasons, planting crops, looking ahead and predicting the yield of the crops. Here's more.

Nested Forms in Phoenix

Written by on Jan 30 2017

A quick example of how to use nested forms in Phoenix.

Source Diving in Other Languages

Written by on Jan 25 2017

In this post I'm going to compare this exploration of source code to other popular languages.

Looking at Elixir source code with List.insert_at/3

Written by on Jan 24 2017

In this post we are going to look at how lists are implemented in Elixir and how looking at its source code can teach us a thing or two about the language.

Why We Hosted Our First Company Retreat After 10 Years?

Written by on Jan 17 2017

We hosted our first company retreat last weekend, lots of food, booze and hanging out. Read on to learn why it took us 10 years to host a company retreat.

Allan's Ten Year Goals From 2003

Written by on Dec 30 2016

My wife recently found a piece of paper where we wrote down our ten year goals in 2003. Simple times, simple's a review.

Meet Clay - A Better Way To Introduce Yourself To New People

Written by on Dec 28 2016

Meet Clay... Clay has a framework for teaching a better way to introduce yourself to new people. Watch this video.

What do I worry about?

Written by on Dec 24 2016

I've always been a person who worries, I've always been looking ahead and planning my route but my worries have changed alot over the years.

Learning How To Sail...Allan's advice.

Written by on Dec 16 2016

I love sailing and in this article I'll talk about how you can start sailing as a hobby.

Hockey Stick Growth is a Myth

Written by on Nov 21 2016

Almost no one actually sees hockey stick growth in their SaaS startup.

My First Conference (Elixir Conf)

Written by on Nov 14 2016

A few things I learned and experienced at my first tech conference.

How To Spot An Ego Decision

Written by on Nov 7 2016

Battling back my ego has always been a struggle. I have a hard time balancing selfconfidence with overconfidence.

Allan's Favorite Things

Written by on Nov 3 2016

As I sat on my sailboat chilling out in a hammock I decided to film my "three favorite things" video for this week. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday Tunesday 4

Written by on Nov 1 2016

4 New Albums to Tell You About

Common SaaS Mistakes We Made Building LessAccounting

Written by on Oct 18 2016

Looking back on the eight years we spent building LessAccounting we made so many decisions and some I wish we choose differently. Here are common mistakes by SaaS cofounders.

How Word of Mouth Marketing Actually Works

Written by on Oct 10 2016

I never really knew how "word of mouth marketing" actually worked until a few years ago. In case you don't know, here's how the story of your product spreads to new customers.

Business Owners Dealing with Distractions and Analysis Paralysis

Written by on Oct 5 2016

As a small business owner I see all the tasks I need to know but have no idea where to start...How do you know what to work on when everything is important?

Employee Role vs Tasks

Written by on Sep 19 2016

Do you employees know their role in your company? Sure they know the tasks they need to accomplish but do they know what their role is?

How to Communicate in a Remote Team

Written by on Sep 12 2016

We've always been 100% remote. Here are some things we've learned about how remote teams should communicate.

Skills of an Entrepreneur

Written by on Sep 6 2016

The skills I thought I would need to be an entrepreneur are not the skills I actually use to run our businesses.

What You Should Know About Remote Work

Written by on Aug 31 2016

I've been doing remote work for almost ten years. Here's what I've learned.

Announcing LessCruise 2017, put your deposit down ASAP!

Written by on Aug 23 2016

Let's go on a cruise, hangout and share some deep thoughts about businessing. Port Miami, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, Cozumel leaving March 5th 2017

The 4 Steps I Used to Finally Learn Vim

Written by on Aug 23 2016

I had tried and failed many times in the past to learn Vim. These were the four steps I took that made my last try successful.

Eugen's 3 Favorite Things for August

Written by on Aug 22 2016

Eugen tells us his three favorite things about the Swift programming language.

How to Bring in a Junior Developer

Written by on Aug 17 2016

Bringing a junior into your team is an exercise in empathy.

Allan's 3 Favorite Things for 1st Week of August (Video)

Written by on Aug 16 2016

This week I enjoyed video b-roll from the new Jason Bourne movie, a new podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and an amazing sunset in Panama City Florida (my hometown).

Chet's 3 Favorite Things for 3rd Week of July

Written by on Aug 16 2016

Chet gives us his 3 favorite things for the 3rd week of July 2016. Foot darts, a ruby talk and a bad soccer penalty kick...check them out.

What They Don't Tell You About Becoming a Software Developer - Part 2

Written by on Aug 16 2016

The difference between coding as a hobby and as a profession. The Soft Skills

What They Don't Tell You About Becoming a Software Developer - Part 1

Written by on Aug 7 2016

The difference between coding as a hobby and as a profession

Mike's 3 Favorite Things for 1st Week of August

Written by on Aug 3 2016

Mike gives us his 3 favorite things for the 3rd week of July 2016. TrueBill, a google analytics extension, and a new homemade game...check them out.

How to Convert a String to Upper or Lowercase in Ruby

Written by on Jul 21 2016

Examples on how to change the case of a String in Ruby

Steve's 3 Favorite Things for 3rd Week of July (Video)

Written by on Jul 18 2016

Steve gives us his 3 favorite things for the 3rd week of July 2016. Music gear, programming and music picks...check them out.

Before picking your 1st programming language, read this now.

Written by on Jul 15 2016

Here are two things to consider before choosing your first programming language.

Allan's 3 Favorite Things for 2nd Week of July (Video)

Written by on Jul 6 2016

Every product can be improved, so don't allow your insecurities about your imperfect product stop you from promoting your product.

What are Bots and Conversational UIs?

Written by on Jun 22 2016

Bots are all the rage these days, but what are they? Here's a simple introduction to them.

We Just Sold LessAccounting!

Written by on Jun 21 2016

Bad experience and no customer support are a recipe for disaster. Here's one story that illustrates this point.

How Not to Do Customer Service

Written by on May 17 2016

Bad experience and no customer support are a recipe for disaster. Here's one story that illustrates this point.

Let's be honest, you really don’t want it.

Written by on May 10 2016

If you wanted it to build a product you’d find a way to get time to work on it. If you really wanted to start that new hobby you’d sacrifice something to find the time and money to do it.

Types of Wannabe Entrepreneurs

Written by on May 3 2016

I'll define a "Wannabe Entrepreneur" as someone who has never made money from their businesses. Here are the different types of wannabes.

There Are Four Types of Entrepreneurs

Written by on Apr 28 2016

In the history of the world there have only ever been four types of entrepreneurs. What type are you and how can you improve?

Tuesday Tunesday 3

Written by on Apr 25 2016

Another installment of Tuesday Tunesday

An Argument for Using Cells, an Argument Against Using Cells in Rails

Written by on Apr 22 2016

Cells are great, but they’re like adding a safety railing to your Rails app.

Fear (Part 2)

Written by on Apr 21 2016

Steven shares a few more thoughts about fear.

How to Make a Support Group For Business Owners

Written by on Apr 19 2016

A company is built on 10,000 small decisions

Written by on Apr 12 2016

A business is built on 10,000 small decisions. You either create a lifestyle that fits well with your business or you grow a monster business that takes over your personal life.

The Myth of SaaS Ownership

Written by on Apr 7 2016

Let's bust some myths of owning a saas business. Newsflash: it's not all rainbow and unicorns, there's alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Tuesday Tunesday 2

Written by on Mar 29 2016

Another installment of Tuesday Tunesday

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