We Filmed a TV Show!

Written by on Apr 23 2018

Let’s say, I was busy in 2017…

Here’s the story… In January 2017 we bought an old warehouse in downtown Panama City, where we live, and I thought “this would make a cool house.” We put a contract down and a few days later I thought “let’s film the construction as a documentary.”

In the following weeks, we filmed and edited a four-minute long pilot episode, and it seemed like interesting content, so I decided to try to sell sponsorships to large companies in the video series. Within about a month, I had lined up six-figures in cash & free products. Here we are a year later, and the construction project is over, the video series is complete, and we’re ready to show you what we’ve been up to in 2017.

Please watch the episodes, share them with friends, leave comments on the episodes.

On this project we worked with the following companies

I want to mention; while I used “I” often in this email, it’s the people around me who made this crazy project work. Eric Darnell, our video editor/director, is a world-class talent. My wife, Anna, endlessly and relentlessly loves and forgives me, Jordan Marking, camera #1, showed up every day to a hot, dirty job site and filmed his ass off with a smile on his face and Melissa Seeuws, producer, kept the entire project organized and worked with sponsor coordination. Thank you to these people.

Onto the next adventure…maybe a brewery or two…


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