Becoming successful is a chain of events

Written by on Apr 13 2017

I wanted to write an article about “getting” to success. Since each person’s version of success is different and we’re all unique individual each of our paths will be different. I want to talk about this path even though yours is different than mine.

There’s a term in gambling called “parlay” defined “as a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.” Let’s hold onto that thought for a moment but first let’s define several versions of success you might have.

  • Build a profitable business.
  • Be able to freelance and bill at $100/hr.
  • Become a professional author.
  • Be a famous YouTuber.
  • Be a professional speaker.

These are just a few, there’s a million ways to define success, which is a complete topic in its own right.

Realize your version of success will be obtained through a series of events (planned and unplanned) which you chain together and parlay into “success.”

I’ll say that again differently. To become “successful” you have to create the story…this story happens in different ways for different people. But it’s taking a small win and getting another win, taking note of those wins and parlaying them into something bigger and bigger. And maybe “bigger” is the wrong word, but closer, closer and closer to place and a direction you want your life/career to be in.

These wins might come in the form of guest blog posts, small speaking gigs, helping a friend with a logo, setting up meetings with friends as you travel, or hosting dinners with entrepreneurs in your area.

  • It’s not sitting back waiting.
  • You might have to ask for a favor, but it’s not waiting for permission to do something.
  • You may need developer a relentless attitude because it’s going to take years.

It’s connecting dots (possible opportunities), creating something from nothing and doing that again and again and again.


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