Search Engine Optimization is not the devil

Written by on Nov 22 2011

As you might be able to tell, we’ve redesigned We’ve moved from static pages and a Mephisto blogging engine to HarmonyApp. We also started working with inboundable to help make our site more findable in search engines. You’re probably like, “Wait, Allan. What the hell did you just say? Did you just say you’re working with an SEO company?” Why, yes. Yes, I did.

I’m all about doing things people like talking about. “Yeah, man. Fuck SEO. SEO is terrible. It’s all about UI, writing clean, amazing code, blah blah.” That’s me, as well. Don’t throw me under the bus yet. Hear me out.

SEO used to be terrible.

In years past, to get ranked in search engines you had to scam the ranking. SEO “wizards” used to add loads of additional text and buy into link directories. They focused less on the core product you were providing, and instead, focused on scamming the system.

Things have changed.

SEO is not about scamming the system any longer it’s about best practices. It’s about helping your site’s visitors find what they want by building relevant content using semantic best practices. It’s also about engaging the web community in order to attract positive notoriety (mentions, links, etc.) just as you would offline. Finally, it’s about getting users to like, trust and hopefully interact more with your site.

You want traffic just like I do, stop rolling your eyes.

Here’s what I’ve figured out in the first week working with Donnie.

What I’ve learned so far (we’re still going)…


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