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We Just Sold LessAccounting!

Written by on Jun 21 2016

Bad experience and no customer support are a recipe for disaster. Here's one story that illustrates this point.

How Not to Do Customer Service

Written by on May 17 2016

Bad experience and no customer support are a recipe for disaster. Here's one story that illustrates this point.

Let's be honest, you really don’t want it.

Written by on May 10 2016

If you wanted it to build a product you’d find a way to get time to work on it. If you really wanted to start that new hobby you’d sacrifice something to find the time and money to do it.

Types of Wannabe Entrepreneurs

Written by on May 3 2016

I'll define a "Wannabe Entrepreneur" as someone who has never made money from their businesses. Here are the different types of wannabes.

There Are Four Types of Entrepreneurs

Written by on Apr 28 2016

In the history of the world there have only ever been four types of entrepreneurs. What type are you and how can you improve?

Tuesday Tunesday 3

Written by on Apr 25 2016

Another installment of Tuesday Tunesday

An Argument for Using Cells, an Argument Against Using Cells in Rails

Written by on Apr 22 2016

Cells are great, but they’re like adding a safety railing to your Rails app.

Fear (Part 2)

Written by on Apr 21 2016

Steven shares a few more thoughts about fear.

How to Make a Support Group For Business Owners

Written by on Apr 19 2016

A company is built on 10,000 small decisions

Written by on Apr 12 2016

A business is built on 10,000 small decisions. You either create a lifestyle that fits well with your business or you grow a monster business that takes over your personal life.

The Myth of SaaS Ownership

Written by on Apr 7 2016

Let's bust some myths of owning a saas business. Newsflash: it's not all rainbow and unicorns, there's alot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Tuesday Tunesday 2

Written by on Mar 29 2016

Another installment of Tuesday Tunesday

Steven Bristol Trivia

Written by on Mar 22 2016

Here's some much asked for trivia about Steven.

Tuesday Tunesday

Written by on Mar 22 2016

I’m gonna try to share a few tunes I like every Tuesday. Some of them you may have heard before, some maybe be on the radio, some will hopefully be new favorites for you.

5 Bands You Will Not Hear On The Radio But They Should Be

Written by on Mar 14 2016

Here are a few artists you aren’t hearing on the radio, but they should be getting way more exposure than they are.

My English Teacher's Thoughts

Written by on Mar 10 2016

My Dad just sent me this. It’s from my High School English Teacher, Senior year.

What does your website do? (your copy is shit)

Written by on Mar 9 2016

Your website copy assumes I have an inkling of what your website does. Bad assumption.

Semi-monthly vs Bi-weekly Payroll - doing what is right for your employees.

Written by on Mar 9 2016

Steven gives some tips on optimizing payroll for employee welfare.

Where does "drive" come from?

Written by on Mar 7 2016

People who are driven to achieve have drive, either fueled externally by a coach/parent/mentor or internally.

How I've Designed My Life

Written by on Mar 2 2016

In the past few years I've built go-carts, built a 200+ sq ft workshop, written several eBooks. How do I create a life where I have time to work on side projects?

Can you ride life's waves?

Written by on Feb 25 2016

Life is never "normal" it's in a constant state of change.

The Coolest Piece of Code

Written by on Feb 3 2016

Steve tells the story of the coolest piece of software he's written.

Everything you wanted to know about how we build a business

Written by on Oct 21 2015

We are going to start blogging everything we are doing with LessChurn. What's good, what's bad, what's working, what's not, what crazy things we're trying and how did they work out.

How we track links in Google Analytics

Written by on Oct 21 2015

How we construct links in Google Analytics so we can see what marketing efforts are working and returning an ROI.

Our Marketing Isn’t Marketing

Written by on Jan 26 2015

When you have well funded competition you cannot follow in their wake, you must take your own path and be yourself.

Who Do You Take Advice From?

Written by on Jan 12 2015

Not all advice should be implemented into your business and life. Here's how to learn what advice should be considered.

Past Successes Will Blind You

Written by on Jan 5 2015

Being "successful" is a trap, one where you forget you don't know everything. Where does confidence stop and pride start?

How do you know if you have a "good idea"?

Written by on Dec 3 2014

Learn to identify what a good idea sounds like before you kill it.

Entrepreneurship and Feeling Guilty

Written by on Sep 29 2014

If I could change one thing about my job, it would be the guilt. The guilt of never being “finished” & working too little or too much.

How Bad Decisions Result In Business "Debt"

Written by on Sep 22 2014

Each decision, or lack of a decision, creates a repercussion for your business. Bad decisions result in business "debt".

My Self-Sabotage in Business

Written by on Sep 4 2014

Every product can be improved, so don't allow your insecurities about your imperfect product stop you from promoting your product.

Businesses Don't Make Choices

Written by on Aug 29 2014

Don't allow your business to make choices for you, you decide where to live and how much to work.

A Coloring Book for the Children of Entrepreneurs

Written by on Jul 17 2014

How do you explain what an entrepreneur is to a 7 year old? Do you have children? Get a free coloring book for them to learn what you do.

Reducing Customer Churn within Account Deletion

Written by on Feb 6 2014

Customers delete their account for many reasons. How can you engage a customer before they delete their data?

Why We Bootstrapped Our Company

Written by on Jan 28 2014

Funding vs bootstrapping is a question of who you want to positively impact. Yes, we're thinking smaller.

I Don't Know is Bullshit.

Written by on Nov 21 2013

What is a valid reason to do something? When "I don't know" is the answer, the answer is really, "no."

How Bootstrappers Can Compete Against Funded Startups and Get Customers

Written by on Nov 13 2013

Being bootstrapped does give you advantages over funded startups. Read on and see how we compete with companies with millions of dollars of venture capital funding.

There's No Myth, Only Years of Hard Work

Written by on Nov 6 2013

Let's bust some myths of bootstrapping a web consultancy into a product company. Years of hard work, years of mistakes, years of running two companies before calling yourself a product company.

My Version of Business Success

Written by on Oct 25 2013

I've lost sight of what I consider business success by allowing fragile, fleeting tech startups to warp my version of what success should be. Read about what I consider business success.

How We Hijacked an Event Sponsorship for $500

Written by on Oct 21 2013

For less than $500 we became the lunch sponsorship for an event in Long Beach, California. This article will explain how we hijacked this sponsorship to promote our product.

Learn about Customer Development, Acquisitions, and Writing Better Emails from Colin of

Written by on Oct 16 2013 has grown with $0 in paid advertisments. Colin Nederkoorn shares their customer development strategy and how they help app devs with transactional emails.

Why Pixels Stopped Satisfying My Creativity

Written by on Oct 3 2013

Pixles are fun, instant in gradification, but the ability to iterate them and their lack of timeless creative value leaves me looking to create more things outside of pixels.

Drifting Through Life

Written by on Oct 1 2013

The life rut of drifting slowed my pace of creating. Drifting through life kills my spirit. I must create a legacy.

We're a Real Business

Written by on Sep 20 2013

We don't run LessEverything like a "normal" software company. We're building a company that'll last for 20+ years. Prepare yourself for a rant about the warped reality called the software industry.

Resumes for Programmers Are Worthless

Written by on Sep 3 2013

Resumes are crafted to show you only good, exaggerated bullet points about an applicant. Resumes are worthless because there are better ways to judge an applicant.

Become Relentless with Your Marketing

Written by on Aug 28 2013

Here's an email I sent my sister who's starting a massage therapy business in Savannah, Georgia.

How Brad Miller landed AMC's "The Walking Dead" as a client

Written by on Aug 16 2013

Brad Miller of LiftUX talks about how the company he cofounded is able to land big name clients like AMC, eBay and IFC.

Boyette and Casey Hardware, Panama City, Florida

Written by on Aug 14 2013

When a business has 60+ years, there's something is special about that business and the people behind it. Meet Boyette & Casey Hardware...

Getting Sass or Scss Compass running on Rails 4

Written by on Aug 2 2013

Rails4 is the new hotness in the Ruby world, getting compass Sass or Scss setup has proven to be error prone. and confusing. Here's a quick tip that stumped us for a few hours.

Running a business on favors & Building business goodwill

Written by on Jul 23 2013

Helping others has a real value. Being the person that helps others eventually creates an eco-system of business goodwill.

Running a Small Business - I never knew it would be this hard

Written by on Jul 11 2013

I was naive about running a small business before Steve and I created LessAccounting. I didn't know how hard it would be. Hard is such a vague word, I didn't know how much self-doubt and worry it would cause me.

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