We Sold LessChurn

Written by on May 11 2017

Three weeks ago we finalized the sale of LessChurn to Lever Technology.

Allan and I still love the idea of LessChurn which enables SaaS customers to reduce churn by providing helpful options to users before they hit the “delete/cancel my account” button. LessChurn provides a fully customizable iFrame, which can be embed in one’s app wherever the account deletion happens. Installation into one’s website is as simple as adding a few lines of code. LessChurn handles all the integration code for Stripe and Braintree. With over $27 million (over 40,000 users) saved to date, LessChurn’s ability to reduce churn is proven.

The idea originated with Allan’s experiment on LessAccounting and trying to reduce churn. Here’s the blog post where the idea came from.

A few months ago Allan and I decided to shut down the product or sell it. Frankly we both need a break from building products for ourselves and have really enjoyed client services the past year. The sale went smoothly thanks to the Lever Technology team.


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