How To Spot An Ego Decision

Written by on Nov 7 2016

I’ve been thinking about a few of the 10,000+ business decisions Steve and I have made thru the years. I’ve thinking about the how/why the decision was made a certain way.

The truly bad decisions, all started from place of ego.

What Is Ego?

Ego inflates your self-importance and it makes you foolish.

  • Ego helps you say “hire that person, we’ll figure it out.”
  • Ego makes you think “That event isn’t big enough, it’s not worth my time.”
  • Ego makes you feel “too important for someone or something.”
  • Ego makes you say “YES” faster and louder than your best self would.
  • Ego ruins businesses and relationships…actually it ruins everything it touches.

Ego sneaks up slowly little by little and without you realizing it, it’s in control. But you’re in luck!

My best self is able to internally ask yourself about the intention of the decision you’re making.

  • “Who is this decision benefitting?” If it’s only benefitting me, say no.
  • “Am I doing this to make others think I’m “cool”?
  • “Does this directly help the company get to where I want it to be?”

At this point if you find yourself feeling defensive, do some thinking about why.


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